You can change your billing information at any time.

You can view and update your billing information at anytime in Primer's Parent Dashboard.

See your current billing information

  • In Primer's Parent dashboard, click Settings in the bottom left of your sidebar.

  • Select the Billing tab. Under Your subscription, you can see your status. If it's been less than a month since your last confirmed payment, your status is Active. Click Manage Payment Info. This button will take you to your billing dashboard.

  • Under "Current plan", you can click on Show cost details to expose the cost breakdown of your Primer subscription.

Edit your payment method

You can edit your payment information at any time on your billing dashboard. Follow the instructions above to navigate to the billing dashboard. Your payment method is visible below your plan details – the Default label means that a card will be used for future payments.

To change your payment method, first add another payment method, then click the grey X on the payment method that you wish to delete.

  • A new payment must be added before you can remove your previous payment method.

  • If you want to close your Primer membership, email us at [email protected] and we'll issue your cancellation, or click the Cancel plan button under the Current Plan section of the billing dashboard.

View your billing history

You can view details about your past receipts under Billing History by clicking on a month to view your receipt.

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