You can delete a kid's account on the Parent Dashboard under Settings. You will not be charged for those kids' accounts beginning with your next billing cycle.

Deactivate a kid's account

  • Enter the Parent Dashboard.

  • If using a desktop, navigate to the leftmost sidebar. If on mobile, expand the navigation menu (≡).

  • In your sidebar under your kids, click on the name of the kid whose account you want to remove.

  • Click Edit account, then click Deactivate account.
    Make sure to read the terms! Deactivation will disable your kid's account, but Primer will still save their projects, comments, and posts if you decide to reactivate their account in the future. We will also apply any unused credit toward your next invoice.

  • Click Confirm if you wish to continue.

Billing for removed accounts

Your next bill will reflect your current bill, minus the costs of removed accounts.

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