You can add a kid to your Primer subscription at any time.

  • Navigate to the Parent Dashboard. In the sidebar, click Add a kid.

  • Enter your kid's full name (first and last) and birthday.

What other kids will see

  • Enter your kid's display name – we recommend using your kid's first name (we allow repeated display names) or encouraging your kid to come up with a display name that they like.

  • For your kid's avatar, we suggest working together to pick a portrait photo or an image of a fictional character that they like.

    You can keep going without uploading a picture, but we recommend trying to find a picture that works! Other kids will be able to see this picture whenever your kids post and recognize that it's someone they've seen before – profile pictures are a small way to grow the sense of close community in Primer's clubs.

Set up your kid's login details

  • Pick a username for your kid's account. We suggest asking your kid for their input here; their username will become the URL to their Primer profile. For example would be the Primer URL for the user in this tutorial.

  • Pick a password with at least 8 characters. We recommend coming up with something that your kid can remember without help. If they're young, it's also smart to keep their login information somewhere accessible, like the fridge.

Let your kids choose their first clubs and start a project.

We strongly encourage you to include your kids at this point if you haven't yet. Their interests affect their engagement with Primer overall, so take that into account!

  • Click Login as [Kid's Name]. We won't request a password when offering you the option to login as your kid through the Parent Dashboard.

  • You'll arrive at your kid's Home, which is the page where they can see all their Clubs, Projects, and Recent Activity at once.

  • Under clubs, click 🔍 Explore Clubs. Your kid will be able to browse and join any of Primer's clubs.

  • Click Join [Club] to see a bit of a preview. No decisions are permanent commitments, however! If a kid joins a Club and then realizes that they don't want to be part of it anymore, they can leave it. This step helps kids quickly get started with things they love or try new things.

Kids can also join any Primer Club at any time. To add a Club to their list, kids can hover over My Clubs ⇩ (it's a dropdown menu in the top-right navigation bar) and click + Find Clubs.

Edit a kid's profile

Once a kid joins a few Clubs and adds a project or two that they're interested in trying, they can see all their progress by clicking on their name in the top-left corner of Primer.

Their profile shows a kid's display name, avatar, length of Primer history, current Projects, current Clubs, and space for their bio. Kids can use the bio section to show other kids what they like, what they care about, and how they identify.

To edit the bio, click Edit profile. Here's an example of one from our fictional Primer kid, Fiona Hackworth:

I live in Oakland with my family and a one-eyed dog named Otto. I love building robots and conserving nature in Northern California! My favorite fictional character is Hermione Granger.

Add another kid

To add another kid, Sign out of Primer (hover over the kid's name to find the Sign out option) and sign back in as a parent. You can repeat the process from the Parent Dashboard until everyone is signed up for Primer.

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