You can cancel your Primer subscription at any time in the Parent Dashboard.

Begin the cancellation process

  1. Log in to the Parent Dashboard.

  2. On the leftmost navigation panel, click Settings.

  3. There are two options at the top of the page, Account and Billing. Click Billing.

  4. Next to Status, where it says "Active", click Cancel subscription.

Share your reason for canceling

Sharing your reason for canceling your account helps us better serve homeschoolers! Please select a primary reason for canceling. If your reason isn't listed, click "Something else! I'll add notes."

In the box below the notes, you can explain more of your reason for canceling.

Click Next to proceed.

Please read the terms of cancellation. When you cancel your Primer subscription, you'll continue to get access through the remainder of your current pay period, and your card will no longer be charged.

Click Confirm to cancel your subscription to Primer.

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