Hey there! It can be tough to figure out on your own, so here are some instructions to help you share your Scratch project with the rest of Primer.

At the top of your Scratch project, click the orange Share button. This will create a link that you can use to share your project with Primer. Clicking share means that other members of the Scratch community will be able to see your work, too!

Once you've clicked Share, look underneath Notes and Credits, where two new buttons have appeared. Click 🔗 Copy Link.

In the window that pops up, you'll be able to see the link that Scratch has made for your project. Click Copy Link one more time – it will be in your clipboard now, so you can paste it into any Primer post or comment. Woo hoo!

The embed code is there for you if you want to code your project into a webpage. Currently, Primer doesn't have a way for you to embed projects into posts, so you can ignore that for now.

If you can't find a Share button on the page, make sure you've confirmed your email with Scratch. Confirming your email helps Scratch know that you're a real person, so they can feel good about sharing your work with the Scratch community.

To check if your email has been confirmed, click on your username in the upper right corner, then click on Account settings.

On the left side of your Account settings page, click on the Email tab. If your email has been confirmed, your email and a ✅ will be listed under Current Email. If your email hasn't been confirmed, follow the instructions on the page to confirm it. You might need a parent for this step because they'll need to log into the email you provided.

If your email has been confirmed, open up your Scratch project and follow the steps above to share your project with Primer!

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