Primer has one pricing plan, which is priced at $49 for your first kid and $19 for each additional kid. If you have one kid, you can expect to pay $49 monthly. Primer would cost $68 for two kids or $87 for three kids each month.

Billing for multiple kids

If you're signing up for Primer the first time with multiple kids, Primer will generate a separate charge for each kid. Every month afterward, we produce a single charge for all kids combined.

What happens if I add a kid partway through the pay cycle?

You can sign additional kids up for Primer at any point! If you do this partway through the pay cycle for your first Primer kid, we'll charge you immediately with a prorated amount that matches the amount of time left until your regular payment date.

The percent amount of time left before your next pay period will be used to calculate the proportion of $19 that you are charged. Our payment software calculates the time to the millisecond, so this prorated amount might look oddly specific!

For example, if you add a new kid half a month before you normally pay for Primer, we'll charge you around $10 immediately for that new kid. After this, you will be charged the total cost of all your kids' accounts on your regular payment date.

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