Primer's Activities library is a tool for kids and families to search for projects that satisfy their specific interest, subject, grade level, and time needs. Kids can use it to find activities that they'll enjoy and parents can use it to plan learning around kids' specific goals.

Activities library screenshot

You can find the Primer's Activities library in the navigation bar when logged in as your kid.

The Activities library contains thousands of activities and is growing, so it's helpful to filter it down. You can narrow down the activities on display with four different filters:

  • Grade Level

  • Interest

  • Project length (time)

  • Subject

You can also apply multiple selections for each filter – for instance, you could look for projects that are geared toward grades 3-5, centered on cooking, 1-2 hours long, and related to science.

To remove a filter, simply click on any selected filters to uncheck them.

Activities library filters

Once you click on a project, a detail card will open. By clicking Open activity, Primer will take you to the activity's source website in a new tab.

Activity detail card

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