Primer makes it easy for parents to see and understand homeschooling requirements in the United States.

Primer's compliance report covers every part of compliance, including the following:

  • Requirements for notifying the state that you're homeschooling

  • Credentials for homeschooling

  • Re-enrollment

  • Transferring

  • Attendance requrements

  • Age requirements

  • Subject requirements

  • Bookkeeping requirements

  • Assessment requirements

  • Inspections

  • Part-time enrollment options

  • Extracurriculars and sports

  • Disabilities

  • State-funded financial support

  • State-issued diplomas

To get your compliance report, log into the parent dashboard, and click on the Plan page in the left sidebar. You'll be in the Projects tab automatically, so click the State requirements tab at the top of the page.

If this is your first time checking your state requirements with Primer, you'll be asked to add your address. You can add a specific address or a city name.

Remember to read through everything even if it has a green checkmark next to it — knowledge is power!

Change your address

To change your address or check compliance in another location, click Edit location (right underneath your address) and enter a new address.

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